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Rice is the oldest known crop cultivated by man in Asia. Rice was initially discovered in India around 2500 BC. Southwest Himalayan region is considered the likely center of origin due to the presence of different varieties. From India, it has spread across nations. At present, Rice is credited as widely consumed staple food universally. Being a tropical plant, India’s hot and humid climatic conditions are best suited for rice cultivation.


Rice kernels or paddy grains undergoes a great deal of post-harvest process to be available as edible grain. Immediately after harvesting, paddy crops are beaten to separate the grains and straw, known as threshing. Once threshed, grains are dried to acceptable moisture level to prevent fermentation. Paddy grains are dried traditionally by spreading grains on pavements, fields, and exposed to sun’s heat. Paddy grains are then milled to remove the hull and bran to reveal the edible kernel, known as raw rice. If there is a hydrothermal treatment prior to milling process, the kernels are known as parboiled. Milled rice grains are sorted by moisture content, presence of foreign matter, broken rice percentage etc.


There are different varieties of rice available across globe categorized by type and form of rice. Rice is differentiated as long grain, medium grain, short grain rice based on the length and width ratio. Rice is branded as Brown, Raw, Steam, Parboiled by the difference in processing and milling techniques.

At Shri Krishan Rice & General Mills, we are engaged in milling, processing and distribution of wide range of Basmati and Non-Basmati rice varieties to domestic and International markets. We strive hard to provide our clients with quality products and put in every effort to gain the satisfaction of customers unmatched by anyone in the industry.